Dear Colleagues,

You are welcome to join the international continuous scientific conference “Challengers of Economics, Education and Society Development in the Nordic – Baltic Countries and beyond”, organised by the Economy – Education and Society working group, NJF. This title was given to the cycle of virtual seminars, which have been organised since 6th of May 2020.

Separate seminars of this conference are held every first Wednesday each month (except summer holidays in July and August) from 12:00 to 13:30 Central European time (13:00 to 14:30 Eastern European time). The schedule of each seminar includes one or two 15-20 minutes presentations and discussion until 20 minutes after each presentation. We welcome participation of all attendees, who are interested in topics of presentations. Also, we welcome participation of all researchers, including PhD and master students as speakers. Participation in these seminars is free of charge. The scope of available presentations is mostly concentrated on sustainable Economics, Education and Society Development issues, but the multidisciplinary approach is desirable also.

How to join the seminars of this conference?

To join the seminar on your computer or mobile app use this link:

In case you would like to receive the reminder about upcoming seminar, you are welcome to register for participation at the conference by sending request via email also. We will include your email address into the list of potential participants at MS Teams environment and you will automatically receive the reminder before each event.

Those, who would like to participate at the conference as a speakers, let as know the title of your presentation, name and surname of the speaker and, if necessary, name(s) and surname(s) of co-author(s), title(s) of institution(s) author(s) are representing, an annotation of presentation and its keywords. These data you can provide to us by fulfilling the registration form ( or by sending them to Coordinator of this activity via email

We invite speakers to join MS Teams environment approximately 10-15 minutes before the seminar for checking communication possibilities and management of the slides.

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