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yipin – the Swedish tofu

Founded in 1998, yipin has more than 20 years of experience in producing tofu in Sweden. It all started when we, the Lu family, moved to Sweden and realized that there was no good tofu in the market. We decided to take matter into our own hands and started to make tofu in our own kitchen, completely unaware of how popular it would become. Today, our production takes place in our own organic-certified factory just outside of Stockholm, where we ensure that our products hold the highest of standards. Tofu is our main specialty and passion; a know-how that we also utilize in our production of tempeh and other plantbased meat substitutes. The high-protein and organic soybeans we use as raw material have been carefully selected and are organic-certified. They are grown within Europe where our farmers live up to high ethical standards.

The Center of Food and Fermentation Technology (TFTAK) is an Estonian multidisciplinary contract research organisation founded in 2004. TFTAK is focused on two main research areas: bioprocess optimization and food research. The organisation harbours a wide range of expertise with more than 90 highly skilled personnel and specialises in the use of modern analytical methods, systems biology and synthetic biology principles, aiming at development and introduction of innovative food and fermentation technologies. The analytical department forms the backbone of research and services with 40 unique lab analytical methods developed and introduced in-house. These include quantification of amino acids, vitamins, and various other important bioactive and nutritional components. In addition, TFTAK’s extensive experience with systems and synthetic biology have led to in-depth understanding of (bio)molecular information through the use of complex modelling methods and high throughput “omics” technologies.

We specialise in optimising food production processes and development of products from scratch including fermented drinks, dairy products, vegan products, and foods with added nutritional value. We also introduced sequencing based metagenomic analysis methods, which enable assessment of bacterial profiles in the human digestive system and allow for examination of the possibilities for improvement of the bacterial communities and human health as well as functional food development.

As an R&D-based CRO, TFTAK has extensive experience in providing product development, sensorics, fermentation, and analytical services to customers within the industry. We have worked on a wide array of projects including:

  • Development of functional foods;
  • Development of optimized production processes of special yeasts and lactic acid bacteria; 
  • Software for the control of cultivation processes of cells and for the modelling of bacterial metabolism;
  • Application of omics–methods for the monitoring of microbial consortia during ripening processes and shelf-life;
  • Evaluation of the role of fibers in healthy nutrition, in vivo and in vitro studies to assess the effect of fibers on gut microbiota; 
  • Services in sensory and consumer research