Upcoming conferences

  • Mon
    Tartu, Estonia

    Dear colleagues,

    I am happy to invite you to our NJF Conference on Horticulture in Tallinn, Estonia on June 10th -13th 2019.

    Link to Conference website!

    As you know the NJF – Nordic Association of Agricultural Science was founded in 1918 to promote scientific cooperation cross the borders of Scandinavia. Today, a century later we are still committed to this mission to encourage the exchange of knowledge in agriculture between our Nordic-Baltic countries.

    The horticultural conference in Estonia in 2019 will be an excellent opportunity to present ongoing research and collaborations within a wide range of topics, It will also be a possibility to meet colleagues and find new partners for development of horticulture in a broad perspective.

    Although the conference has a Nordic-Baltic perspective, we welcome participants from all countries to take part and enjoy the hospitality of our Estonian colleagues and their beautiful country.

    Welcome in June 2019 to Estonia!


    Fredrik Fogelberg

    President of NJF

  • Mon
    1300-1500Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala

    NJF welcomes Prof Kreft to have a lecture on buckwheat research in Europe.

    The lecture will be held in English at the SLU campus in Uppsala.

    NJF members are welcome to participate without fee. Non-members will be invoiced 250 SEK for participation.

    Please contact Fredrik.Fogelberg@ri.se for more information.

    Prof. Dr. Ivan Kreft, Dipl. Eng. Agr.


    The research interest of Prof. Ivan Kreft Kreft are the genetic, physiological, and other basics of quality and nutritional value of grains of buckwheat, barley, spelt, wheat, maize, beans and pumpkins, in particular the content and distribution of flavonoids (including rutin) and other secondary plant metabolites, selenium, zinc, protein, starch and fibre, as well as ultrastructural characteristics of seeds. His research and teaching experience includes visiting professorships in Japan (Food Science Dep. at Kyoto University, and Faculty of Nutrition of Kobe-Gakuin University) and China (Shanxi University in Taiyuan). He has authored numerous scientific papers in journals such as Journal of Experimental Botany, the New Phytologist, the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Food Chemistry, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, and Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. The scientific research findings of I. Kreft were incorporated in the development of novel high-quality food products in Slovenia, Denmark and Japan.