NJF Norway

Svein Skøien, Chairman. Section Environment and Climate

Prosjektleder klimasmart landbruk, Norsk Landbruksrådgiving

Osloveien 1, 1431 Ås, Norway

Mobil: +4799359159

E-post: svein.skoien@nlr.no


Till Seehusen,  Section Environment and Climate

Researcher, NIBIO

Phone +47 932 69 878

Email: till.seehusen@nibio.no

Nils Bjugstad, Section Technology and Innovation
Professor, Maskin, prosess og produktutvikling

Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Faculty of Science and Technology

phone: +47 907 40 307

email: nils.bjugstad@nmbu.no


Leif Jarle Asheim, section Economy – Education and Society

Researcher NIBIO

phone: +47 48352291

email: Leif-jarle.asheim@nibio.no

Abdelaziz A. A. Mohammed, section Animals

Phone: +47  93959120

Email: ababadams702@gmail.com

Kirsty McKinnon, section Food and Agriculture

Adviser, Norwegian Centre for Organic Agriculture

phone +47 404 80 522

email: kirsty.mckinnon@norsok.no